Man of the House

A Memoir

Between the years of 1944 and 1963, Dr. Colm McAindriu was just a kid, a Black kid living in the Jim Crow Mississippi Delta. His story brings to light what living day and night under the threat of death looks like for a Black kid in this era. Should he look at the white girl, or dream of her and tell someone or be caught doing so? His mother forced him to help her raise her remaining 12 children and demanded that he kill his prized pig to feed her family. McAindriu’s childhood was rife with small moments of joy and learning, coupled with working in cottonfields, pain both physical and emotional, and being the Man of the House.

Dr. Colm McAindriu

After leaving for Chicago in 1963, Dr. McAindriu went into the military and later obtained two Doctorates. In his research, he is passionately focused on Self-realization as a life-purpose. He is currently working on his third PhD. His hobbies include scenic drives to the mountains and beaches, reading, and meditation. He holds a special interest in self-realization research, study, and writing.

Man of the House is available in different formats

“Man of the House” by Dr. Colm McAindriu is available in multiple formats to suit your reading preference. You can purchase the book in hardcover, paperback, and ebook format. If you love the feeling of holding a physical book in your hands, the hardcover or paperback options are perfect for you. If you prefer to read on-the-go, the ebook version can be easily downloaded to your Kindle or other e-reader device. No matter which format you choose, “Man of the House” is sure to delight and captivate you with its engaging storytelling and heartfelt memoirs. So, go ahead and choose the format that best suits you, and enjoy this beautifully written book by Dr. Colm McAindriu.

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